Meet Your Team

Kinga Wilson
Owner & Senior Search Consultant

Kinga Wilson, Senior Search Consultant & Owner
As I relayed the things I was really looking for (which were abyss deep technically), Kinga was able to pick up on that desire and intelligently recommend options. I can with certainty recommend her and her company for your technical placement needs.
C.Workman Software Architect

After moving to the U.S. from England and beginning her career in the IT industry, Kinga saw a problem that needed to be fixed.

There was a disconnect between job seekers and employers, leading to a frustrating recruiting process and, worse, poor hires.

So in 1998, Kinga started her own search firm—Leaders IT Recruitment in Lincoln, Nebraska— to bridge the gap, and she hasn’t looked back since. The firm has grown organically through satisfied clients’ word-of-mouth referrals and blossomed into Insight Recruitment which, 20 years later, has worked with job candidates and businesses across the country by setting the bar for what a recruitment agency should be.

Dani (Bretz) DeLany
Senior Search Consultant

Dani, Search Consultant for Insight Recruitment
Dani has been awesome and brought quality candidates saving us many hours in our efforts to add solid professionals to our growing team.
President of a high growth software development firm

Dani embraces being a professional matchmaker.

She moved into recruiting to take her career to the next level, and she draws on her experiences in customer service, hiring and teambuilding when she guides employers and candidates through the recruitment process.

“I enjoy being in the recruiting business because I like building relationships with people and learning about them,” Dani says. “As a recruiter, my ability to get to know people becomes an asset because I am able to not only learn what companies are looking for but also discern which candidates have the skills and personalities that will fit their needs.”

Shawn Mischnick
Specialist IT & Biotech Search Consultant

Shawn Biotechnology & Life Science Search Consultant for Insight Recruitment
Shawn did a great job of fitting me to a job. She took care of setting up meetings and helped with communication. Just very thankful that I was able to work with Insight because it landed me a big time job right out of college.
Ethan R

Shawn’s greatest skill is finding out what makes people tick.

Ever since she earned her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, she’s built a career around problem-solving. From lab work to marketing to now recruiting, Shawn has a history of making connections and finding the right fit.

“I am always looking for opportunities to grow in my career, and this was a natural fit for me having worked as a scientist and as a product manager in a science-based business,” Shawn says. “I want to help others in my field grow, succeed and be fully engaged in the work they do because I know firsthand how important it is to feel like you are making a difference in the world.”

Brittany Taylor
Support Recruiter/Office Administrator

As Insight’s Support Recruiter, Brittany makes sure our recruiting team are equipped for greatness.

With her background in the Military as a former Combat Medic and Sergeant, Brittany helps ensure our processes are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

“I am a life-long learner and I attained my MBA to facilitate my growth and benefit others I work with. My role at Insight couldn’t have been a more perfect match for me in my life right now. I am directly responsible for helping candidates find their next role in life – here in the States and in Canada. It’s such an exhilarating thing to help others not only do better in their career but to be a part of seeing them fully realize their potential and be rewarded for it.”

Jocelyn Batenhorst
Office Assistant

Managing the details is what Jocelyn is all about.

She helps dot the I’s, cross the T’s and everything in between. With a treasure trove of experience as an office manager and entrepreneur, Jocelyn knows how to keep things running even when the unexpected happens.

“No matter how well you have something planned, things can change and quickly,” she says. “Being adaptable is big for me and helps me react accordingly no matter the situation.”