Having worked with more than 10 other recruiting agencies, Insight Recruitment scored the highest in quality of candidates and recruitment services, understanding our needs and value for money. Insight was responsive, provided good quality candidates and was easy to work with.

Executive leader of a high growth robotics & industrial automation firm

Clear understanding of professional requirements and motivations behind them. Providing assistance and coaching through the entire hiring process. Very professional team and top negotiators at the final stages of the interview process.

S. Aistov – Senior Software Developer

As a prospective candidate , I had a very good experience connecting with Shawn and ultimately ending up with a perfect match to my skills and experience.  She listened to my expectations and was able to fulfill my career growth goal. I am grateful that she sought me and connected with a great company.  I thank her for being a good partner and I will recommend her to anyone.

S. Nadarajah, Executive Director of Quality Control

Dani has been awesome and brought quality candidates saving us many hours in our efforts to add solid professionals to our growing team.

President of a High Growth Software Development Firm

Insight gets the highest rating for quality of recruitment services, professionalism, customer service and response rate. Shawn is very responsive, she listens well, she is a great communicator and has given us the best sales candidates of any firm I’ve worked with.

Kyle Habben, President of Electronic Contracting Company

As soon as we were allowed to use Insight, the first candidate Kinga sent us had all of the skills I needed at the price I could afford, after months of searching on my own.

Hiring manager at a confidential Omaha client

Dani is a tireless recruiter willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She is extremely good at what she does, and I will continue to recommend her to my friends and associates.

Shane Peery – Sr. Solution Architect at Astound Commerce

In 20 years of working with and being hired through recruiters this was by far my best experience. Truly enjoyable and seamless.

C. Etherington, Director of Marketing Communications

It was a pleasure working with Insight Recruitment.  Shawn was a real gem. Most recruiters do not have her level of active engagement and guidance.  At every step you feel she is diligently working to advance your best interest—putting you in a position to actualize your goals.

DeSean Brown, Vice President, Client Strategy

I have worked with several recruiters over the course of my career and none of them have been as diligent and knowledgeable as Kinga Wilson. Kinga knows her clients as well as the candidates she presents to them. Many (many) times I’ve had a recruiter suggest a job to me that was either outside my skill level or simply didn’t use skills that I possessed, which is very frustrating to me and, I am sure, to the companies they present candidates to. Kinga matches candidates skills with the company she is referring them to, really matches them.

She takes personal interest in the candidates she works with; she recently helped me redo my rather naive resume into something that looks great.

I still work with more than one recruiter, we all do, but Kinga is the star among them. I know if she finds a company that she wants to present me to, that I and the company are well matched. I highly recommend Kinga Wilson!

M. Jackson – Lead Software Tester – Nelnet

Kinga works extremely hard at understanding her candidates skills, passions and personalities, which enables her to match open positions with the right candidate. From there she does an excellent job of preparing her candidates to show off his or her natural talents to the prospective employer and put the candidate in the best position to earn an offer. Whether you are looking for a new career or to find the right candidate for your company you can’t go wrong with Kinga Wilson and Insight Recruitment.

B. Schulte, MBA – Marketing Technology Leader – Gallup

My experience of working with Dani was exceptional. From her initial contact until she successfully placed me into my new position, she consistently supported me through the application process. She went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for the interviews and provided an approachable but professional service to me. I would Highly recommend Dani if you looking for a job or looking for employees!

J.R. Project Manager
It was the most flawless process. Shawn helped guide me the entire way. Giving me very good tips and down to earth help over the phone. Since I haven’t done this for over 16 years, the industry and things have changed. I relied heavily on her and her experience. I’m very grateful to her and those that work at Insight Recruitment. I want to thank you again Shawn. I was absolutely blown away by how helpful and kind you were. And I honestly thought your first email was spam or a junk email. I’m glad I responded.
J. Beach

They found me a great placement and interesting opportunity unexpectedly.

Senior Java Engineer

Insight did an outstanding job of learning about our environment and culture. They learned how we look not only for individuals with the professional skills but also the personal inclination for learning and creativity. And they did an excellent job of representing our company to candidates.

C. Rosecrans, Director, Software Development & Chief Architect

I have worked with Insight with my former employers, in a professional capacity when they assisted me in hiring for tough positions, and also as a candidate where they approached me with a job opportunity that is a great fit for me. I have enjoyed working with them, the communication is excellent and I would highly recommend them!!

An Insight Recruitment Client & Candidate

Even though I’m fairly experienced interviewing I appreciated the resources and they made me feel more prepared and at ease for my interviews.

L.H/Project Manager

Great communications, knowledgeable and can find candidates for those hard to fill remote offices. Highly satisfied, well above average for IT industry knowledge by comparison with 6 other agencies used.

AOS – Alexander Open Systems

Great communications, very professional, and successfully locates good candidates. Keep doing a great job.

CIO Bosselman Group of Companies

I am an extremely busy executive in a fast-growing business. I need a sharp, experienced professional recruiter that can make the recruiting process easy for me. [Insight] provides me with all this and more. They are the best recruiters I have worked with.

Former Principal at Kenexa

Insight Recruitment was pivotal in my securing a position with an amazing company.

K. Grewing, Healthcare Solutions Consultant

[Insight] does an incredible job of listening to the needs of the employer and finding the appropriate candidates – They don’t focus on just placing bodies. At all times I felt that I was being listened to and not rushed into any decisions.

VP of Technical Support FACTS Management/Nelnet Business Solutions

[Insight] is a treat to work with. We’ve all received those sales calls where you dread speaking with them in person because they are difficult, pushy, rude, etc. With the[Insight] team I always look forward to working with them and enjoy speaking with them.

Director of Network Operations Assurity Life Insurance

I had a great experience. Kinga and Dani were great in helping me find a job.

Jessica B.

If you’re searching for an IT-focused job, Insight is a great place to get hooked into to see how they can match you up with potential employers.

Justin Van Nostrand

[Insight] have a great positive personality coupled with an excellent understanding of our needs. They are very thorough and find the specific talent we are in search of.

IS Manager at American Tool Companies/Newell Rubbermaid

I have very much enjoyed the relationship. [Insight] is the best at follow-up, general communications and responsiveness. I always know where I am with them.

Senior V.P. of Business & Development Telcor

Every way you measure [Insight], they are exceptional. Their candidates always meet our expectations.

VP of IS Nebraska Book Company

I’m super glad that they were able to help find me my current position, and I always enjoy working with my recruiter.

C. Leslie Security Specialist

I wish I had contacted Insight Recruitment a long time ago.


Great, Honest Recruiter! Well above average/highest rating for (all) professionalism, understanding my needs, IT industry knowledge, providing relevant opportunities & staff.

Brad S. Senior Software Developer

Very knowledgeable staff that will work with you to find the right fit.

Senior-Level Software Developer/Architect

They’re attentive to my needs and respond quickly to questions.

IT Candidate

Insight is always professional. They are very helpful and want to make sure that you get the right fit.

Software Developer

I heard of opportunities that were not available elsewhere.

Enterprise Account Executive

Well above average for customer service, professionalism, response rate, quality of recruitment services, understanding our needs and quality of candidates. We are highly satisfied.

Director of Technical Support, Digitech Systems

Insight passionately works to understand your requirements and to match an ideal candidate to be a great fit. Other agencies seem to just send over candidates and not screen for fit.

Technical Leader, Kawasaki

They work to understand exactly what you’re looking for, they want to be a representative for your hiring/recruiting department and company to put the company in the best light.

Software Development Manager in the Healthcare Industry, Omaha, NE

Very thorough evaluation of our needs and the needs of the recruits. I felt that Insight was extremely engaged throughout the recruitment process and focused on providing the best fit for our open position.

Senior Manager of Production

The candidates you sent for our position were far more qualified when compared to what we were finding on our own. Thank you for your hard work, and for helping us find a super new key employee.

Executive/Owner SpecSoft

Insight helped place me in a company that has been an outstanding fit for me, I plan to retire here. Be patient, answer everything honestly and let them do what they do.

James B.

Kinga and her team always seem to find really good opportunities in the industry that may not be accessible on public career postings.

VP of IT, NE Bankers Association

I would tell my friends and colleagues that I received valuable insight into the hiring and negotiation process as well as important feedback about how I was interviewing. I would do it all over again. Kinga and her staff made me feel valued and supported the entire time.

Instructional Designer, Doane College

Tremendous and sincere. Insight takes the time to find out your needs and discuss why a particular opportunity may or may not be a good fit.

Senior Business Analyst

Easy to work with, super responsive, and genuinely care about job placement.


Shawn did a great job of fitting me to a job. She took care of setting up meetings and helped with communication. Just very thankful that I was able to work with Insight because it landed me a big time job right out of college.

Ethan R.

As I relayed the things I was really looking for (which were abyss deep technically), Kinga was able to pick up on that desire and intelligently recommend options. I can with certainty recommend her and her company for your technical placement needs.

C. Workman Software Architect

Being that we are a small business, hiring exceptional candidates is especially critical to our success. [Insight] have taken the time to understand our unique business needs and is extremely thorough in their search for qualified candidates. They are very professional, a pleasure to work with, and provides exceptional customer service. I would highly recommend their services to any organization.

General Manager Penlink

If only most recruiters were like Kinga: responsive, insightful, superior matching skills, great communicator with great emotional intelligence. She makes the perfect blueprint for excellence in recruiting. I was forever changed after working with Kinga because as a recruiter she went above and beyond her job by actually helping me identify my greatest assets and persuasively sell those assets.

E. Beye, MBA – Engineer

Before working with Kinga, I was sending out my resume and receiving either no reply or rejection letters. After talking to her, and using her resume template, I was able to generate excitement and interest. Thank you Kinga!

W. Jones – Senior Embedded Engineer

I’ve worked with Kinga several times. She has been fantastic in every respect. She works hard in finding the position that’s the correct fit for you and does it professionally and personally. She’s working for you and not just trying to place you somewhere. She offers great advice and guidance and truly cares about helping you.

Dennis Grady – Senior Business Analyst, Supervisor – Assurity Life

What impressed me that most about Kinga is that she genuinely cares about her customers and the people she works with. I am very fortunate to have had her help.

C. Barreda – Software Developer

I have chosen to work with Shawn because she understands our business and needs. Shawn has taken the time to work with myself and the hiring manager to understand each role, and what we’re looking for in candidates.

M. Gerteisen – LI-COR Biosciences

Insight listened and understood our needs and were very responsive. The candidates that were sent to us were very good. We are highly satisfied.

J. Blalock – COO – Bethyl Laboratories

Professional, engaged, and really supportive of candidate.

Regulatory Affairs Manager at a Biosciences firm

I had the good fortune of crossing paths with Dani through a position she was recruiting for. I was still using the resume that I had used in my 20s. My work experience/trajectory had changed though since then. Dani provided specific and useful tips to help me format my resume in a way that better reflected my recent work experience. I was reluctant to at first because I felt like the resume I had been using did result in interviews the majority of the time.

However, I swallowed my pride and figured Dani sees more resumes than I do, particularly in the new field that I was applying in. So, I decided that I should give her way a try. The way she provided the feedback made it easy to be receptive to it. While I didn’t get the position we originally connected on, I was able to find one on my own, using the updated resume format not long after. I have no doubt that I was able to get an interview, and subsequent offer due to the feedback Dani provided. I am excited to take this next step in my career & am grateful to Dani for her guidance.

Lisa L. – Application Consultant

Insight made my transition to a new employer as smooth as possible. They made sure everything was perfectly aligned and that any questions were fully answered.

T. Gierhan – Production – American Laboratories

Insight Recruitment has connections and job placements with amazing employers, knowledge of the industry to properly match people with the jobs they are looking for and will be good at, along with top notch communication to keep job seekers in the loop and actively finding opportunities. They found me the perfect position quickly and kept me informed on how things were progressing every step of the way.

Software Developer

Keep doing exactly what you’re doing! Keep being able to build personal relationships and keep open and active communication lines with job seekers. The constant and immediate updates anytime new information was received is what truly set my interactions with Insight apart from other recruitment firms.

Nick W.

It has greatly simplified my job and helped me be successful.

Director of Engineering Operations

Overall, [Insight] is exceptional. They have the unique ability to find the ‘best-qualified’ candidates with great frequency. I can always count on [Insight] to provide me an unbiased assessment of a candidate’s skills and abilities. They are very thorough and thoughtful.

VP of IS at National Research Corporation