Insight IQ

Take advantage of Insight IQ, an award-winning combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology tailored to meet your needs. It streamlines the recruitment process and matches the right candidates with the right companies through in-depth profiles and an intuitive digital platform.

Meet your matches

Powered by thorough, custom-built candidate profiles, Insight IQ matches you only with your best candidates—ones who will thrive, exceed your expectations and stay with your company for years to come.


We gather input from your hiring manager(s) through rigorous assessments of the ideal fit for your company’s current opening and build a profile tailored to meet those specific needs. This creates the benchmark every applicant is measured against, ensuring that your shortlist only includes talent that exceeds expectations and has the capacity to thrive at your company.


Improve retention

Find your perfect match—96% of newly placed employees are still in position with their new company 12 months after they’re hired.


Access anywhere, anytime

View everything about your candidates—from their full profiles to competency test results—no matter the time or place through our secure platform available on desktop and mobile.


Get rid of guesswork

A full arsenal of behavioral assessments, video interviewing and questionnaires gives everyone involved in the hiring a clear picture of the candidates.


Our Guarantee

Our proprietary Insight IQ system is a highly accurate and intelligent way to hire. With a 96% employee retention rate, we confidently offer a 12-month guarantee on all placements made with this system.

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