Time Is of the Essence: Why You Need to Act Quickly When Hiring

In today’s edition of Job Market Insights, I’ll be sharing some ideas of things you can do when hiring to avoid losing candidates – especially during the interview stage – and why acting fast is imperative to securing top talent.

Providing Candidates With Feedback

The first area that I wanted to chat about is giving feedback to candidates quickly. Taking too long to provide feedback – or worse, not providing feedback at all – can be costly.

In this short snippet, I discuss this in more detail and explore why providing feedback to candidates swiftly can help to keep them engaged with you and your job opportunity:

Lengthy Hiring Processes

What impact does a long and difficult hiring process have on candidates who are eager to start a new job? Are they likely to stick around? Or are they more likely to lose interest in your role and look elsewhere?

I explore this further here:

Taking Too Long to Book Interviews

Once a hiring manager receives a resume of a candidate that they have a keen interest in, they should take no longer than 1-2 weeks to book them in for an interview. If not, there is a risk of losing a strong candidate who could have been perfect for the role.

I delve into this topic here:

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