How to Attract Top Talent to Your Organization

How do you attract top talent to your organization? Top IT/ERP, Sales & Marketing, Healthcare, and Construction talent is hard to find, but there are a few strategies that can help. In this article, we will look at skill shortages, company culture, opportunities, employer branding, creative ways to attract candidates, the importance of fast responses and so much more!


The importance of first impressions 

Before a candidate applies, they must see if the company appeals to them and is offering what they want – and that doesn’t just mean their desired job role. For this reason, it is important that you have a strong employer brand and communicate this effectively in your ads, job descriptions and across your website and social pages. This means candidates doing their research are given a good initial indicator of whether you’re a right fit for them in terms of company culture and opportunities. You should also try to include relevant trends in your industry and think on some creative ways to attract candidates such as using webinars or podcasts. 


Keep the Conversations Flowing 

During the hiring process, it is important to stay in communication with prospective candidates throughout every step. Whether it is to confirm that you have received their application, reviewed their resume or to confirm an interview date, updates need to be provided. You may also want to provide any feedback or advice that you have gained so far. As well as communicating with your candidates, you will also need to keep relevant parties in the loop about candidates who are being considered for the job role, including information such as their previous experience or qualifications. 


Exploring the bigger picture 

To attract the talent you want, you must sell your organization to every candidate – first through the job description and then again in the interview. You should also include: 


Although your company may have a set salary for the job role that the candidate is applying for, you should also bear in mind that the candidate that you are considering will likely be in the running for similar roles with other firms. Salary is one of the top considerations for many jobseekers when changing jobs, so ensure that your salary is competitive in the market, and in-line with the experience, skills and qualifications required of the role. Also, bear in mind geography and the abundance of skills; these need to be factored in when planning salaries too.

Opportunities & their future with the organization 

As mentioned previously, communicating progression routes is really important, especially for high performers with careers goals. Ensure that you communicate the work they will do and the value it will add, offering them incentives in how they’ll make positive changes and the challenges they’ll face in their role. A chance to learn and a clear view of where the role could lead to will encourage great candidates to apply. 

How they contribute 

Allowing your candidate to know what tasks they will be expected to undertake in the job role and explaining the importance of each task will allow them to understand how they will contribute to the organization. This will provide your candidate with an insight into expectations and realize their ability to do the job. If your candidates seem confident and positive about their ability to complete these tasks, then this can be a good sign that they’ll be an asset to your team. It’s also good to set targets and KPIs for employees to work towards, to ensure that the actions they’re taking lead to tangible successes. 


Act quickly! 

When it comes to top talent, it is always best to act quickly and efficiently. If you see a sparkling resume, call or email to book them in for an interview. If the interview went well – let them know! In a candidate’s market, there’s no need to be coy. Consider your options and make informed decisions before offering, and ensure you have a solid onboarding process for their first weeks and months in your organization. 

Here at Insight Recruitment, it’s our passion to help employers find top talent with the best experience and qualifications to join their team. We also help candidates find their dream jobs. If you need any more advice, email us at, or give us a call on 402-835-5097. 

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