Top Skills Necessary for Success in ERP

ERP professionals are invaluable to businesses because they are at the center of crafting solutions that improve the way organizations manage their day-to-day tasks. From accounting, procurement and project management to risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations, there are a range of diverse roles available in Enterprise Resource Planning. Because of these many roles, businesses that implement ERP solutions will need experts with both technical and functional expertise as well as the relevant soft skills to help with the company’s success and to gain a competitive advantage.

In all, every organization wants to ensure that they have the best employees available in every role. This article highlights the important skills necessary for success in ERP.

Technical and Functional Knowledge

ERP professionals, of course, need to have credible experience and knowledge of ERP systems. ERP technologies such as Acumatica, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics are highly specialized and have many different certifications you can obtain for both technical and functional positions. The combination of experience, knowledge and certifications in different ERP systems will open up many different opportunities in varying industries such as manufacturing, supply chain and Information Technology. To better your chances of landing a role in ERP, you would need to have adequate expertise in the areas needed for the role you’re going for. Having knowledge of the industry, market and any recent developments or changes is also essential, as it is developing all the time.

Good Communication

As an ERP professional, your communication skills are of utmost importance. Whether you’re leading an ERP implementation or upgrading an existing ERP system, you need to be able to discuss projects and assignments with your team, as well as other stakeholders in the project. This may be over email, phone or through meetings and presentations. So, a wide array of communication skills is an important element in this role, especially when breaking down complex solutions to those who aren’t familiar with the terms and language that you and your team use.

Project Management

Experience is equally as important as certifications in the ERP industry. Therefore, project management is a greatly desired skill for ERP professionals. Many employers value past experience, so any evidence that you have worked on an ERP implementation project to successful completion is a huge bonus. And, of course, any transferable skills in this area are also a great way to show that you already have experience that is easily adapted to an ERP role.

Problem Solving

As with any project, it’s likely that an ERP project will experience some hitches along the way. That’s why ERP experts need excellent problem-solving skills if they are to succeed in the industry. Professionals who can identify and articulate a problem and find a satisfactory solution are those who will deliver a project on-time and on-budget. Also, having evidence that showcases your problem-solving skills in past projects will help you land the role you want.

Data Analytics

Data is an invaluable resource to companies and underpins almost every decision in most businesses. Embedded analytics is now a crucial part of ERP; hence, knowledge of data analytics is a key competency for ERP talent. Possessing skills in user experience and the know-how on how to create and deliver dynamic reports that allow users to make quick and educated decisions is essential to successful deployments.

Team Building

Regardless of how self-sufficient you may be as an ERP professional; it is highly unlikely that you’ll be required to handle an ERP implementation or upgrade a project alone. As such, ERP professionals need to know how to bring a team together to successfully collaborate on solving technical issues. Teamwork is a vital skill for ERP professionals, as you’ll need to work closely with your team on complex projects and share knowledge with each other. As the team leader, you’ll also need to resolve conflicts amicably within the team where necessary.

Working With Insight Recruitment

Employers mainly look out for the above listed skills in their candidates as they help increase customer satisfaction, efficiency, and revenue. So, demonstrating these skills is of great importance when applying to and interviewing for ERP roles.

If you’re looking for your next ERP Role, our team of experienced recruiters can help. We’ll handle everything from bringing the right opportunity to you, coaching you on your resume, preparing you for interviews and giving you critical interview feedback. Contact us today.

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