Lisa L. – Application Consultant

I had the good fortune of crossing paths with Dani through a position she was recruiting for. I was still using the resume that I had used in my 20s. My work experience/trajectory had changed though since then. Dani provided specific and useful tips to help me format my resume in a way that better reflected my recent work experience. I was reluctant to at first because I felt like the resume I had been using did result in interviews the majority of the time.

However, I swallowed my pride and figured Dani sees more resumes than I do, particularly in the new field that I was applying in. So, I decided that I should give her way a try. The way she provided the feedback made it easy to be receptive to it. While I didn’t get the position we originally connected on, I was able to find one on my own, using the updated resume format not long after. I have no doubt that I was able to get an interview, and subsequent offer due to the feedback Dani provided. I am excited to take this next step in my career & am grateful to Dani for her guidance.