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How Best to Use Pre-Hire Assessments in Recruiting

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Pre-hire assessments (also known as pre-employment assessments) are a common feature of job applications. However, there are a lot of different assessments to choose from. Which type (or types) should you use? How many assessments should you present to candidates? What makes a good pre-hire assessment? Is there a way of combining assessments in one powerful recruiting tool? This post should help you to answer common queries like these.


How to Get a Recruiter to Love You

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

I’m not going to get on my soapbox and bang the drum about how important recruiters are in the job search process. Most people know we don’t make the final decisions, and many lovely candidates that work with us, won’t chat with us again for a few years because of many reasons such as they found their ideal job opportunity, or their search revealed they needed to go back to school or many other valid reasons. As recruiters though, we are able to open doors for people but ONLY after they have walked through them.


Good Recruiters Ask Questions to Avoid Assumptions

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

When a candidate resume lands in my inbox, my first thought is one of curiosity.

At best, a resume is a stepping stone to understanding a candidate. At worst, it can cast a fog over their true potential. In both cases, there is only one way to seek out the truth: curious recruiters are compelled to ask questions.


Step Up Your Game Right NOW in How You Communicate

Friday, May 15th, 2015
Meeting table

Are you aware of exactly HOW you TALK to people? Do you speak to the highest in everyone you meet or does that change from person to person? Do you listen to what they mean instead of what they are saying? If your answer is anything less than a firm “Yes”, then like many of us, you could use some improvement in this area that takes up a big portion of how we communicate (since we communicate non-verbally too of course). Get ready to slice through some self-defeating traits that make you a watered down version of who you really are, and in the process discover your own personal ‘humble greatness’: something we all have I believe, and it’s attainable right now. (more…)