Why Your Biotechnology Company Needs a Specialized Recruiter

When searching for talent, every company wants to ensure that the open positions are filled by the best people out there. But here’s the thing, you can’t hire top talent in your industry if your recruiter is unable to identify talented candidates in the first place. That’s why you should work with specialized recruiters.

The biotech industry is complex and is a market that requires candidates to have particular skills and experience, which can be very niche. Owing to the specialized needs of this industry, it goes without saying that sourcing for talent in this sector is often more challenging and demanding than the recruitment process in other industries.

This is why companies in this industry seek to use specialized biotech recruiters, as general recruitment agencies would likely struggle to effectively work the roles. But this isn’t just a problem for generalists. In many cases, your “biotech recruiter” is a recruiter working in the biotech space, but with no industry background whatsoever. Here, we explain why working with a recruiter that has an in-depth industry background is more beneficial to you.

5 reasons your company needs a specialized biotech recruiter

Industry experience

Recruiters come from many different backgrounds, and results are markedly different depending on their industry knowledge. Recruiters that have worked in the biotech industry have qualifications, skills and experience that give them a better understanding of your overall needs. They know the industry inside out and their first-hand experience gives them a more extensive understanding of your job requirements. This means the conversations you have with your recruiter about your requirements will be far more effective. Allowing you to place your trust more fully in the candidates and recommendations of that specialized recruiter.

Candidate relationship

A biotech recruiter has a better technical understanding of the specifics of the roles they are recruiting for. From the required skills to the needed qualifications, they have a good knowledge of what to look out for when choosing a candidate that would be an ideal fit for the job. This means that the people they put forward are going to be more suitable for the position than candidates a general recruiter would offer.

A biotech recruiter who has also been a candidate in their past has knowledge from both ends of the hiring spectrum. They know what a biotech candidate is more receptive to, and are more likely to engage them in conversation because of their shared industry experiences. Finding people is one thing (and is not terribly hard for a halfway decent recruiter), but engaging them to an opportunity is another. A biotech recruiter coming from the biotech industry is far more likely to engage your next VP or Director if they understand the market they are recruiting on behalf of.

Save time

Using a biotech recruiter can help companies shorten the usually lengthy and challenging process of recruiting talent. As professionals that understand the requirements of the role, they can easily identify worthwhile candidates without having to sort through dozens of applications. This decreases the time that could have been wasted on reviewing CVs and interviewing candidates who aren’t a right fit for the job.

Specialized network

Recruiters that have worked in the biotech industry themselves have built a network of specialized talents. This automatically gives you access to these talented candidates as well. This saves you from the arduous process of advertising, screening and interviewing several under-qualified candidates.

Peace of mind

When working with a specialist recruiter that has hands-on experience in an industry, it makes it easier for you to rely on them and trust their judgement on candidates. They can also act in an advisory capacity to give you updates on the latest salaries and benefit packages in your industry to ensure that you have an edge over your competitors. Overall, with a biotech recruiter who is a well-connected specialist in the biotech field, you can rest assured knowing that not only do you have access to the best talent, you can also easily access their expert counsel on benefits that will attract the best talent in your industry.

What makes Insight Recruitment different?

At Insight Recruitment, we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and candidate relationships. In a survey we carried out, 100% of all our biotechnology and science clients stated an important criterion they look out for when hiring recruiters is a science background.

That is why we hire specialists. Shawn is our specialized biotech recruiter and has an impressive background as a scientist and in other roles buried deep in that area. This background, as well as her education in the field, is just one of the many tools that has made her so successful and effective as a biotech recruiter.

Shawn is more easily able to understand the needs of clients as she has credible work experience in the industry. When you work with her, you can be certain you are dealing with a bona fide expert and well-connected specialist who will develop a beneficial partnership with your hiring managers to recruit talented candidates who will have the technical skills and be an ideal fit for your company.

Not only this, she is an excellent resource who can keep you up to date with industry trends from skill sets to salary rates and other current market trends.

If you’re looking to recruit in the biotech market, please contact Shawn today at Shawn@InsightRecruitment.com. She can work closely with you to help track down that star hire, contact us today.